Android has a vast library of games, but the most sought after are offline games that don’t need the internet to work. And when you have a phone with powerful hardware, what you want most is to get the most out of it by running the latest graphics games. So it was thinking about this that we created this list of the best offline games for Android with powerful graphics. Check out!

Nobleman 1896

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Noblemen: 1896 is an amazing offline war game for Android with spectacular 3D graphics. In this game, you will have to plan your attacks on a strategic map and then lead your troops and fight on the battlefield. Gamespotnet If you do not want to enter the field, just activate the automatic battle mode and follow the progress of the clashes. It has extremely powerful graphics, requiring a mobile phone with equivalent hardware. This game can also be played on most smartphones, including the weaker ones, but there will be a loss of graphics quality.

Real Car Parking 2

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Real Car Parking 2 is a beautiful offline car parking simulation game for Android. Right off the bat, you’ll see one of today’s most realistic 3D mobile graphics. The details are impressive, giving the taste of driving the most diverse dream cars. This version brings a new city map and the much requested by players: Free Pilot Mode. It offers a great parking simulation experience, with multiple on-screen controls, detailed rear-view interiors, and more.

Escape Legacy 3D

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Escape Legacy 3D is a puzzle game with breakthrough graphics that requires no internet to play. Here your mission will be to explore various rooms and environments looking for clues and hidden items, solve complex puzzles and get out of this mess as quickly as possible. The game features a realistic first-person character view, over 80 rooms full of mysteries and objects, and over 10 levels. If you enjoy escape, adventure and logical thinking games, this is the title with spectacular mobile graphics you’re looking for.

Life is strange

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Life is Strange is a revolutionary episode-based game of choice and consequence. It has a very engaging plot, bringing the possibility of going back in time, modifying the past to change the future. The graphics are state-of-the-art for high-end mobile phones, and the game also works offline. You can check out the minimum requirements in the Google Play game description, as well as a list of recommended smartphones, for the best experience.

The trail

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

The Trail is a beautiful simulation and exploration game with unique and unforgettable graphics. This is a game in which you explore, colonize, build, trade, produce and collect the most diverse items. One of its creators is Peter Molyneux, responsible for popularizing god-style games such as Godus and Fable, as well as other well-known titles such as Populous and Dungeon Keeper. The Trail features gameplay and a relaxing soundtrack. And it works offline, without requiring an internet connection.

Truck Simulator: Europe 2′

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Truck Simulator: Europe 2 is one of the most beautiful and realistic truck driving simulators for Android. Here you can travel the beautiful roads and highways of European cities. There are more than 7 different trucks and 12 trailers. The game is quite complete with things like weather changes, cycle day and night, vehicle customization, damage and fueling and more. It also stands out for its good artificial traffic intelligence and realistic physics. It works offline.


[Price: $ 7.99]

BestLuck is an offline puzzle game with beautiful graphics and unique gameplay. This is a fairly award winning title from around the world that brings a very challenging interactive story. Interestingly, it has no text, and the narrative is told through other stimuli, such as feelings, sensations, intentions, and emotions. The game is full of challenging puzzles and has several different endings. Another great highlight is the beautiful soundtrack and graphics created by renowned artists.


[Price: R $ 16,99]

Candleman is an offline Android game with spectacular graphics and several best game awards. In this platform title, you will be a small adventurous candle that has only ten seconds of light amidst a world filled with great darkness. Your goal will be to find light by circumventing the most diverse obstacles. The game mechanics make much use of lights and shadows. It is yet another of those offline titles that unfortunately, despite the great quality, is still unknown to many.

Halki Diabetes Remedy Review

A huge number of individuals around the globe experience the ill effects of diabetes and weight gain. It is twice as enormous as in current decades. Diabetes is one of the most noticeably awful infections that radically upset individuals’ wellbeing. On the off chance that you are searching for regular herb, Halki Diabetes Remedy is the best decision.type 2 diabetes It truly realizes how to for all time fix the issue of diabetes and corpulence. What’s more, it is a convention of approaches to lessen diabetes with no specific activities or costly medicine and medications. It contains eight nutrients and ground-breaking cancer prevention agents to kill the state of diabetes. Halki Diabetes Remedy program, you can fix harm brought about by poisons in only 21 days. You will get back solid and agony free for a mind-blowing remainder.

What is Halki Diabetes Remedy?

Halki Diabetes Remedy is a finished program that shows how you can wipe out diabetes from your body. It is an incredible program incorporates various helpful hints and deceives, just as compelling one-minute strategies that you can rehearse each day. It is an experimentally demonstrated program that secures against type 2 diabetes and improves insulin obstruction.

This program mends yourself from conditions, for example, nerve torment, stroke, coronary illness, etc. This program battles against oxidative harm and free radicals. Halki Diabetes Remedy will be given as one digital book including supportive data about type 2 diabetes, helpful plans to remain sound, the 21-supper plan and different diabetes switching plans.

How Can It Work?

Halki Diabetes Remedy program incorporates all the solid plans that you have to follow in your every day life to control diabetes and shed pounds in under a month. Just inside 21 days of utilizing this convention will you lessen overweight and keep up sound glucose levels. This wellbeing convention can create general wellbeing and fix maladies, for example, cardiovascular ailment, stroke, stoutness, liver, and kidney harm. Halki Diabetes Remedy Review  All plans of this program originate from the eating regimen of the little Greek island called Halki, where individuals favored tasting nourishments that forestall insulin obstruction. This program bolsters your body cells to get eight basic supplements and nutrients to reestablish wellbeing. This program will make you more beneficial, more youthful, more joyful and more enthusiastic than any other time in recent memory.

What Will You Get From Halki Diabetes Remedy?

Halki Diabetes Remedy is a finished program that gives the best and simplest approach to clean away all poisons from the body.

You will likewise find out about the genuine reason for type 2 diabetes and how you can ensure it later on.

This program enables parity to body hormones and oversee wellbeing.

Consistently, you will realize what nourishments you have to eat so as to get ideal outcomes.

You will have the option to consume muscle to fat ratio, underpins the hankering for undesirable sugar and keep up solid body weight.


  • Loosened up Mind, Healthy Body
  • The Energy Multiplier
  • Accomplish Your Goals


  • Halki Diabetes Remedy centers around your diabetes and different manifestations.
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  • The entire program depends on genuine logical verified that can lessen type 2 diabetes.
  • This convention included strides by step guidance are straightforward just as actualize.
  • It is a 21-day convention that encourages you find out about the quality of solid nourishment.


  • It is just accessible on the web. you can’t locate this any neighborhood stores.
  • In the event that you need to get great and viable outcomes, you should adhere to the guidance normally.


Halki Diabetes Remedy is exceptionally prescribed for everybody. This program demonstrates to all of you straightforward and viable that you can use to forever dispense with your diabetes. It contains every single imaginable supplement and nutrients that your body needs to need to keep you from insulin obstruction and keep up your glucose level. Gain admittance to Halki Diabetes Remedy program now and get a changeless answer for your diabetes issue. It accompanies a 60-day unconditional promise for consumer loyalty. So don’t pass up on this chance. Get it before the offer closures.